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Hawk Brake Pads

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Hawk has been manufacturing performance brakes since 1990. Hawk brakes uses racing technology to build the best brake pads and rotors available for street driven cars. From the quiet and clean Performance Ceramic line to the race ready HP+, there is a Hawk pad for just about every need. Hawk high performance brake pads are available for most street cars, trucks and SUVs. Whether you're looking for safer, quicker stops in your daily driver, extreme braking in your project car, or more control for towing, Hawk's line of high performance performance brake pads and rotors will help you get there. Hawk is the official brake pad of SCCA, NASA, Ron Fellows Performance Driving School, Richard Petty Driving Experience and Skip Barber Racing School.

Five reason to choose Hawk:
  1. Hawk is trusted by the U.S. Military to provide all brakes for military Hummers operating in the harshest conditions on earth.
  2. Aircraft carrier snatch cables, used to stop planes in short distances, use Hawk brakes for the extreme braking capabilities.
  3. Hawk brakes are used on giant earth movers that need to control hundreds of tons of weight.
  4. Hawk builds brakes for all sorts of vehicles, from heavy construction equipment to bicycles, and perfectly balances performance with comfort, noise and durability.
  5. Hawk's real motorsports experience means technology has been proven to deliver the best, most reliable braking performance.

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