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Hawk Brake Pads

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Brake Pad Buyer's Guide

There are a lot of choices in brake pads available, and picking the right one for your car or truck can be confusing and frustrating. The brake pad buyer's guide will help you to select the right pad for your vehicle.

Pure Performance

These brake pads are designed for all-out performance. These will give you the best performance possible on a stock brake rotor.
Hawk HP Plus - Ideal for track cars and autocrossers that are also street driven. High power stops, very resistant to brake fade. Because it is race ready, the HPS has more brake noise, brake dust and lower pad life than a street brake pad. Not ideal for daily drivers.
Hawk Super Duty - Designed for trucks that tow or haul heavy loads every day and need the safest, most reliable brake pads available. Recommended only for professional fleet trucks over one ton or light trucks that tow excessive loads.

Daily Driver - High Performance Upgrade

Hawk HPS - The best street performance. Great braking power combined with low noise, and dust, high pad life. More noise and dust than stock or ceramic brake pads - ideal for daily driven cars and trucks that see hard braking or are used for towing and need more performance.

Daily Driver - Mild Performance Upgrade

Hawk Performance Ceramic - better braking power than stock pads or basic aftermarket pads. These brake pads will give you more stopping power without the drawbacks like extra noise, vibration and brake dust usually associated with performance pads. Ideal for daily drivers that want better performance do not need the extra stopping power of the HPS.
Hawk LTS - Specially designed pad for daily driven pickup trucks and SUVs that need more braking power for towing or aggressive driving than the stock brake pads or a basic aftermarket pad can provide. Low noise, low dust formula ideal for daily driven pickup trucks.

Daily Driver - Restore Original Braking

Monroe Ceramic - Lower dust and better at resisting brake fade than stock pads or standard aftermarket.
Monroe Dynamic - Equivalent to stock brake pads - will restore braking to stock levels. Good for drivers looking for safe, reliable braking that do not need performance.

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